Smart Trade Customer Setup

Most of our customers using Autoline are going to be involved in the Smart Trade rewards program. A report can be run by the Parts Managers, amended as required and then sent to Smart Trade or to the franchise (depending on the requirements).

The list sent to Smart Trade will be your customers that are in the rewards program. These customers will need to be setup as Smart Trade customers in Autoline.

The following instructions are for setting up your customers.


1.    Linking SL Account with CRM Record.    Each customer needs to have a SL account that is linked to a CRM record (can be a customer or a company record).

2.    Identifying Smart Trade Customer. For the system to identify that a customer is a Smart Trade customer the customer’s Smart Trade number needs to be recorded.  If not known at this stage enter ST in the Smart Trade number field 

        1.    Linking SL Account with CRM Record

        Note: To help find whether the account is linked to a CRM record, run Ad-hoc report “ACCs and CRM links” From Sales Ledger > Reports and enquires > Enquiry menu > Account header, click Global and load, select the report, go ok then check query  and proceed. You can copy and paste into excel. The report will give you the account number and the CRM record linked to the account.

                1.1 Find both the CRM record number and the SL account number for the customer. If there is no CRM record for the customer one must be created.

At the right hand bottom of the screen on a CRM record you will find the CRM Record number:

            Make sure that the CRM record account number matches that of the SL account number (can be the Customer OR the Company record).

Company Record

Customer Record

            1.2    Go to the Customer’s SL account and make sure that the CRM record that you are using for the customer is linked in the SL account, as below.

            Go to SL module, Add/modify accounts, and enter the Account number.



CRM customer type is T for Customer record OR C for Company record.

Click the Join box to allow CRM to update the account.

The CRM record number is the number of the CRM record you are using.

    2.    Identifying Smart Trade Customers

To identify that a customer is a member of the Smart Trade rewards program, you need to enter their Smart Trade ID number or “ST”. Your customers Smart Trade ID’s are available from the website,, (via dealer login), provided that Smart Trade has received your dealer list and already loaded them.

This needs to be entered in to the Smart Trade No.. field in the Sales Ledger Account > Other Details 2 


*** Internal Notes: 

- The Smart Trade No in Other Details tab is from CS/NZ slacc table. For more details refer to SAS-7176

- Systime Consultants can do a bulk update of the Smart Trade No via Ascii Import in Test and Live packs (chargeable)

- Set-up is free but there is a monthly support fee for Smart Trade / Get Genuine per location (additional fee per additional location - refer to Pricing sheet).