Import the Recall Campaign

The Isuzu Recall Campaign is sent directly by manufacturer to the customers.  It arrives as an Excel file that needs to be imported into Autoline. The file is processed by the customers themselves using the steps below.

*** NOTE: For Systime consultant, FTP details of where to download the files can be found in the separate internal KB article for Isuzu NZ Recall Campaign.  Refer to internal documentation or SAS-5895 for more details.

The Excel file needs to be opened on your PC and the following steps taken.

1.    Make sure that the first four columns are in the following order.  The remaining columns are not used and it does not matter what they are.

    a.    Campaign number

    b.    Campaign description

    c.    Registration number

    d.    VIN/Chassis 

The first row must be blank. Save the file. The format should be .xlsx.

From the menu option

Manufacture systems/Isuzu >  Recall Campaign Menu >  Import service recall file

Choose a Hyundai POS company if presented with a list.

Click Import.  Select the file to import.

Converting the Campaign File

Once Import is complete, click Convert to convert the imported files into Autoline files.

You can view or search for campaign in MS/IS > Recall Campaign Menu > Campaign Maintenance 

Loading Recall Campaign in POS

Load a vehicle on a blank WIP.  If a campaign exists for its VIN, a message will show to inform user that there is an outstanding recall campaign for this vehicle.

Tick the Load column then click Load.  The Recall line will load on the WIP.  

Change the status of the Recall to In Progress after saving the WIP.  

The WIP number and Date in the Campaign file will be updated. 

Once invoiced, change the status to Complete. 

This will change the status of the Recall Campaign to Complete