How to create or update labour rates.

The labour rates are setup in Point of sale > Miscellaneous options > Labour rates.

When you enter, the screen, click on OK to continue.

The labour rates are displayed by franchise of the vehicle and then the rate code itself.

When setting up a new labour rate it is advisable to set it up for each franchise that applies to your workshop and/or dealership. The minimum would be for the one franchise it may apply to and also Z franchise.

Column headings: 

Franchise code/FRANCODE - the vehicle franchise that the labour rate will apply to.

Labour rate code/RATECODE - the code used for the labour rate. There is a labour offset parameter in the system parameters that determines what codes are used for clockable lines and what is used for non clockable lines (Sundries, oils etc). The offset is generally set around L or above for non clockable lines.

If you check what is in your labour rates you should get an idea of what codes would be clockable or not.

Rate description/DESCRIPN - the labour rate description

Labour rate/RATE - The standard or retail rate for the labour

Cost per hour/HOURCOST - The cost for the new labour rate. For lines that technicians clock to, the cost is generally set to zero. The cost rate for the technician will then be taken from the technicians resource record. For no clockable lines, the cost price is generally set to a value.

Update an existing labour rate:

To update an existing labour rate, click in the labour rate column for the applicable labour rate code.  The line should turn blue when it is edit mode. Update the amount and press enter on your keyboard.

You can also right click on the row and select Edit row to change the field. 

You can also filter on a particular column to see all instances of a labour rate or description by right clicking and selecting Filter, or Equals if the options displayed is what you want to filter on. In the screen above, if you select Equals 'Magnus', it will show all labour rates that have the description of Magnus. 

If you select Filter, another box will display for you to enter the filter criteria.

Use the options shown in the radio  buttons and then enter the text you are searching on. The column heading will highlight in blue when a filter is applied.

To remove the filter right clock on the blue column heading and select Remove filter.

Adding a new labour rate:

Right click on one of the rows to show the pop up menu.

Select Insert row from the list.

A new line will be created in the list. Click on the new line in the FRANCODE field.

Enter the franchise the new rate will apply to,then the new labour rate code you want to create. Enter the detail as required and press enter to create it. 

Note: the line should be blue when entering or editing the detail. If it is not, then the line may not be created. Press Refresh at the top of the screen to make sure the labour rate is created and saved in the file.

Create the labour rate for each franchise it should apply to. 

Press the Exit button at the top left when finished to exit the screen.