Some multi-site companies may have a requirement for customers with a debtor’s account to have different discounts for parts and/or labour in the different point of sale companies. EG POS company A they would get 10% discount, in POS company B, they get no discount.

To achieve this, you can use Point of sale > Miscellaneous options > Edit Customer Details.

A record would only need to exist if the discount should be different from the sales ledger account. Once the record has been created, this will override what is setup on the sales ledger account for that customers account.

Click on Create or Insert then New. The fields should become editable.

You can search for the account by clicking on the ellipses. The account must already exist in sales ledger.

Click on OK to bring the account detail through. The detail will populate from what is set on the SL account such as the parts and labour discount and labour rate to use.

There are 4 tabs with various options. Most options used are on the first tab of Account defaults which the information is detailed below. For information on the other tabs, click on the Help button at the top of the window.

Discount 1:                                         Parts discount over the front counter

Discount 2:                                         Parts discount for sales through the workshop

Analysis code:                                   Used for reporting purposes

Pricing category:                              Used for the method of contact pricing.

                                                                P: Price

                                                                D: Discount

                                                                B: Both

Price/discount editable:               Tick to make selling price and discount percentage fields editable from the parts detail form.

Priority to use:                                  Set a priority to use the account

Mandatory order number:          Tick to make order number compulsory when using this account.

Discount pricing:                              Allows you to specify how the discounting will appear on an invoice.

                                                                C: Prints the discount code from the parts record

                                                                P: Prints the discount percentage

                                                                V: Prints the discount value

                                                                B: (Blank) prints nothing at all

Invoice/credit note copies:         The number of copies to print

Stop short order:                             Prevents orders from being invoiced if all parts are not in stock

Default labour rate:                        The labour ate to use from the labour rate file

Labour discount code:                   The discount code to use from the discount table

Route:                                                  For parts departments if using delivery routes

Change the discount codes or labour rates as required and click on Save.