Depending on your system setup it is possible to use the bulk progression option to move a large number of vehicles or bikes from Port arrival into free stock.

Only bikes or vehicles that do not have a dealer order created against them , can be moved into free stock.

This is done by going into Vehicle Tracking/Purchasing and receipts/Bulk vehicle progression.

Use the drop down selection in the ''From progress'' and select ''Port arrival ''. In the ''To progress'' use the drop down and select ''Free stock''

Click on the ''Find vehicles'' icon .This will build a list of vehicles that are currently at Port arrival progress status. Vehicles that can be moved to Free stock will appear in Black, those that have a dealer order attached will appear in red. Click on the green tick and vehicles that are applicable will be ticked. Enter a comment and Progress date and select on Process. Once completed you will be advised of the number of vehicles that have been moved to free stock. You can now exit this screen.