If Purchase Invoices have been verified in error, you can raise manual credits, then re-add the Sublets/Purchase Orders to verify correctly with a Positive Value.

Within Purchase Control, if an Invoice has been verified, it can no longer be undone. In some circumstances, Purchase Invoices can be verified in error. In the event of this happening, you can raise manual credits, sublets and/or purchase orders to correct this.

For sublets, you should add another Sublet line that is against the same Supplier and Order Number and enter the same value of the sublet verified in error as a negative value. 

For Purchase Orders, create a Credit Purchase Order for the parts against the same Supplier and Order Number that are associated with the Purchase Order that has been verified in error.

After the necessary credits have been raised, your Accounts Department should batch a credit in the Purchase Ledger and Verify it with the PL Contra to contra out the Incorrect Invoice.

You are then able to add another Sublet line, and another Purchase Order for the parts as necessary, against the same Supplier and Order Number. This will result in receiving Positive Values and Quantities for the Sublet lines and Purchase Order.

Lastly, your Accounts Department can then batch another invoice onto the correct account so that the Verification of the Purchase Invoice can be done correctly.