If received goods are labour sublets and are received under the wrong Supplier Account, you can utilize Purchase Control report K15 to change the Supplier Account

In some circumstances, good may be received under the wrong supplier account. In the event of this happening, it would not be possible to verify them against the Supplier’s Invoice.

If the goods are labour sublets then you can use the Purchase Control Report – K15 (Change Supplier).

To access this report, from the Master Menu of Autoline navigate to the Purchase Control module and select the relevant Company Number. Navigate through to Reports & Enquiries -> Report Generator -> Run Report Generator.

Within the Run Report Generator selection screen, using the Report Definition Box enter ‘K15’ or use the drop-down arrow to search and find the report within the list. Once selected, click the OK button.

You will receive a Prompt Screen to enter the Original Supplier, New Supplier and Order Number.

The Original Supplier is the current old and incorrect account that will be changed. The New Supplier is the correct Supplier Account you will be changing to. The Order Number is the Purchase Order Number for the received goods that went to the wrong Supplier Account.

The prompts for the Original Supplier, New Supplier and Order Number are Case Sensitive and must be entered correctly to ensure the report will update the appropriate records.

Please note, this method is only suitable for received goods that are labour sublets. If the received goods are parts, then you should not update the Supplier Account through this method as the movement of the part will never reflect against the New Supplier account. For example, if you were searching for the Invoice in the future, you would not see the New Supplier Account within the movement.

Goods that are received under the wrong supplier account and are parts will need to be un-received, attached to a Purchase Order under the correct supplier account and then re-received to ensure the movement of the parts would show against the correct supplier for auditing purposes.