When a dealer places an order for a vehicle the order is linked to that dealer. If a dealer wished to allow another dealer to take this vehicle they need to do a transfer between each other, there may be no need to credit the dealer

From the System menu select Vehicle Tracking > Select Inter-dealer transfer

There is a two step process: Select the vehicle to be transferred and selecting the dealer

Select the vehicle to be transferred

1. Click into the VIN/Chassis/Commission  data entry field.

2. Enter the VIN, Chassis number of vehicle commission number.

3. Pressing the Tab button activates the search of the vehicle tracking system, upon location of the require vehicle the Vehicle details area is populated.

Select the Dealer to Transfer the vehicle to

1. On the Transfer to use the drop down to select the dealer

Once you have confirmed that the dealer is correct click on Save

Confirm the dealer transfer to proceed or cancel to stop the process

Once this has been confirmed  click on OK

The vehicle will now appear in the new dealers stock.