This article describes various scenarios which can occur and may stop you from producing a credit note for a vehicle sales.

Scenario 1

If while printing credit note you receive an error "Must credit sales invoice before purchase"

When you try to credit a vehicle sales and there is a trade-in attached with the sale invoice VSB system tries to reverse the purchase invoice for the trade-in vehicle which went along with the sales invoice of the prime vehicle. This error means that trade-in vehicle attached with the prime vehicle is already invoiced. To check the trade-in vehicle:

  • Select the Finance Details tab of the vehicle you are trying to credit
  • The trade-in stock number will be in the Trade-in ref column

You will need to amend this (trade-in) vehicle record and print a sales credit note before you can credit the prime vehicle record.

Scenario 2

If you receive an error "PX statuses are beyond the maximum allowable" this means that part-exchange or trade-in vehicle attached with the main invoice needs to be checked, please follow scenario 1 how to check trade-in vehicle status, and if account status on trade-in vehicle is "I" then you'll have to amend the trade-in vehicle and print sales credit note for the trade-in vehicle first before you can credit main invoice.

If trade-in vehicle account status is "A - Adopted", you will have to drop it to "O-Ordered" and save the trade-in record, go back to prime vehicle and try to print the sales credit and it should be fine this time.

Scenario 3

If you receive an error "Invoice date is in a previous period.Credit note date must be in a current period."

You will need to amend the credit note date to a date in the current period as you cannot post credit to previous period. Similarly if this vehicle is to be re-invoiced the invoice date will have also have to be in the current period.

Scenario 4

If you receive an error "Vehicle must be linked to print a credit mean" this means that vehicle link between VSB and CRM record has broken. Please follow instructions at below article to fix this error and try to credit vehicle sales again.

Why is the VIN number in red and the vehicle button greyed out

Scenario 5

If you receive an error "Insufficient priority to credit vehicle" this means that your priority level is not high enough and you cannot print vehicle credit.

Scenario 6

If you only get the option for a supplementary credit and not a main credit that means that mroe than once invoice (Main & Supplementary) were produced for this vehicle.

To check if more than one invoice has been produced on a vehicle you should:

  • Select Vehicle stockbooks from the Master Menu
  • Select Vehicle administration from the Vehicle Stockbook menu
  • Open the stock number in either New vehicle stock or Used vehicle stock
  • Select the Specification tab
  • Check the data in the first column, headed S, if there are lines that have a different number to the other lines then more than one invoice has been produced such "01" is for the first or Main invoice and "02" means that there was a supplementary invoice.

Supplementary and main invoices are also shown in different colour under Finance tab:

You must print credit for the supplementary invoice first before you could print credit for the main invoice.