When you look at identity tab VIN shows in RED colour and Vehicle button is greyed out, this is because the link between VSB and CRM vehicle record is broken, this article explains different scenarios and how you can fix it?

When you try to save the vehicle record in VSB and if the vehicle link is broken, you should get a message with a reason for not allowing record to be saved.

If you receive the below message:

This means that CRM vehicle record is linked with another VSB number, you can click eclipse button beside the vehicle button.

This will open CRM vehicle record, you can click on Edit and go to Current tab. Make sure correct VSB company, vehicle type and number exists and Click on Save and Exit.

Save the VSB record and VIN is no more in Red colour and Vehicle button is enabled.

2nd Scenario:

If while trying to save vehicle record you see this message "CRM Vehicle link must exist"

This means that VSB vehicle record has no pointer to CRM vehicle record. This can be rectified if the vehicle is not a closed record, you should:

  • Highlight and copy the VIN number details
  • Delete the VIN number and tab out of the field
  • Go back into the VIN number field and enter or paste the VIN number back
  • Tab out of the field to create the link

Now you should be able to save the vehicle record. If you face an error while trying to delete the VIN number or while tabbing out of VIN number field when it's blank, please log a support ticket with Systime, someone from our team should be able to fix that for you after the investigation,