PL transactions each have a document status, it can be "R", "V", "Blank", "S", "P" or numbers "1" - "9".

Purchase Ledger / Display Accounts / Transactions

The document status is represented by the "S" column

"R"If invoice registration is in use, document has been registered, requires verification or to be passed.
"V"Registered Document has had the verification process started, it is linked to a PC Number but has not been fully processed in Purchase Control to release ready for payment.
"S"Document is on stop - will not be picked up for payment through remittances and cheques.
" "Document is outstanding and ready to be paid 
"1-9"Document is outstanding, has been selected for payment at any of nine numeric priorities numbered one (lowest) to nine (highest).
"P"Document is fully paid and no longer outstanding.




 To remove Status S, go into Remittances and Cheques  and then edit document status to set the status to blank.