Database auditing is a facility that keeps a record of changes made to the information on the database. The facility is available on the System Utilities / Management menu / Database Auditing.

There are 3 options in Database Auditing:

Using the Audit Control option you can add and remove columns from tables to the audit facility.

Select the Module, Company, and Table you want to audit. 


Then select the fields you want to audit and move them from the left grid to the right grid.

Once added to the auditing mechanism any changes made to that column from the table will be recorded. These changes can then be viewed using the View/print audit logs option.

From this option, you are able to select the Module, Company number, Table, and Column of the audit log you want to view or print. Additionally, you can specify the Dates range for which you want to see changes and if required the User who made the changes.

Leaving the Column blank will list all the fields you have selected for audit. Once you have made your selection click Search.

The database auditing grid is headed as follows:

Record key:

The CRM files now monitored in this way are Company, Target, Vehicle, tarcc and Extra.