Importing budgets into Management Accounts (MA) is a three step process.

1.         Prepare your spreadsheet for import

Layout of the Excel Spreadsheet

  • Account Code - The full cost centre and account code account code (inlcuding leading zero's)
    NL / Display Account Code

  • Enter in spreadsheet as : 1010820110

  • Enter in spreadsheet as : 110000016105
  • Value - A value for each of the 12 periods

To assist with the initial extract report A01 Budget with Description is available within Management Accounts.  You can use this report to extract all NL Account Codes and their actual balances for the last twelve periods.  This can be useful when calculating the budgets for the next year. 

Note: If the values are not required against any account code then you can simply zero out the amounts. 

2.         MA: Edit MA Budgets / Actuals

Enter the following information:

File Type: From the drop down menu select whether the file type is Excel or a CSV type.

Worksheet: The worksheet number (eg. Sheet1)

File Name: Use the search box to select the file on your PC.

Data starts at line: The line on the spreadsheet where the data starts.

Budget code: Enter a code for your budget.

Description: Enter a description for your Budget.

Take Next>

On the Verify and Import Data tab check the data is correct.  .

If OK then click Finish

Click OK to the File imported successfully message.

3.         MA: Edit and transfer Budgets

Enter the File code or search using the ellipsis.

The Budget will be displayed for final editing and verifying:

Once the budget is verified select Transfer

Select from the list the type of Budget you are importing

Click OK to the All items transferred message