If the claims have not been received by BMW, you can resubmit the batch or individual claims to BMW

If you discover claims that have not been received by BMW then follow the procedures below to resubmit them.

Access the Warranty Register and locate the claim or claims to be re-submitted.

Note the batch number. From the Tools menu select Submit claims followed by Resubmit a batch of claims.

Highlight the relevant batch and select submit.

Alternatively locate the claims, right click on the claim by the letter B in the status column and this will then bring up a box with the option to reject claim. Select Reject Whole Claim.

Once you have rejected the claim you will be able to locate it in the warranty register by selecting the option for Rejected Claims in the drop down status box and pressing Refresh.

You will then be able to see the rejected claim as per screen below.

Double click on the claim, which will allow you to select, Amend followed by Save as shown in the screen below.

Once this is done the claim will return to Status 2.

Access the Tools menu and select Submit Claims. If you require the batch to resubmitted, select Resubmit a batch of claims and select the correct batch then select Submit:

If you require a claim to resubmitted, select Submit a single new claim and enter the Claim No. then select Submit:


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