There can be a couple of reasons that a job cannot be found on a clocking screen. Run through the items below and see if any apply.

  1. Check to make sure that the customers vehicle is checked in. This can be done from the Load button in the WIP then Check in/Out.


    If you are using the extended option of the Jobs screen that displays the WIP notes, location, vehicle groomed, then this can also be done from the Jobs screen. If you right click on the WIP in the list, the option will show.

  2. Check in the “Others” area of the clocking screen. If you are loading WIP’s to technicians in the loading screen and another technician is then trying to clock on, it will show in the others area. From the clocking screen, click on the 2 blue circles at the bottom of the clocking screen to check.

  3. If you are clocking from Point of sale > Load > Technicians, the tick the Others box when clocking the technician on.

  4. Check that the technician trying to clock on has the skill for the job on the WIP.

  5. Check the WIP has been reloaded. On rear occasions a WIP may not have reloaded correctly from the end of day process. Find the WIP in the Jobs screen and right click on the WIP number to see the options. If the reload button is not greyed out and is selectable, then click on it to reload the jobs and check from the clocking screen.

    This will take you to the WIP. Click on Save and the WIP will reload.

    When the WIP is loaded correctly then the Re-Load option will be greyed out.