Some options in Franchise Data can be added manually rather than by importing a spreadsheet for example Dealer Fitted Accessories (DFA), Extended Warranty, Insurance

Some options in Franchise Data can be added manually rather than by importing a spreadsheet.

To add options manually select Franchise Data from the main menu and then Build Specifications


If the option you are adding will be available to all makes and models of vehicle then the changes should be done at the Global Level. If they are Franchise or model specific select the appropriate options from the list

In the screenshot below Isuzu has been selected and the new option will apply to all Isuzu.

In this example the F Series FRR500 Tipper has been selected and the new option will only be available on this variant.

Once the selection has been made click on Edit at the top of the screen and change the date in the Showing Data based on date field to the Date that the option becomes available.

In the Option Type select Dealer Fitted options and select Optional in the Availability field.

Right click on the Options grid and the box shown below will be displayed. Select New Option at this level

The new option form will be displayed. Enter the new option code and description.

The fields that must be completed are:-

Default GST code

Analysis code – this is used to determine how this option will be posted when it is added to a vehicle record. It is important that this is correct.

Available on – whether it is available for New or Used or both types of vehicle

Defaulted on – whether it is to default onto any vehicle records.

None.              Do not default at all.

V          Only in vehicles.         Default onto VSB record only.

Q         Only in quotes.            Default onto Showroom quotes only.

        Add to both.                 Default onto both VSB and showroom records.

H         Hidden in SR, added to spec. Hide in Showroom quotes and default onto VSB records.

O         Hidden in SR.             Hide in Showroom and do not default onto VSB records.


Estimated/Fixed Cost – whether it is to be an estimated cost where the actual value will be invoiced to the vehicle from point of sale or the purchase ledger or a fixed cost where the actual cost will automatically default onto the record.

The posting tables are set up to post options as either fixed or estimated costs so the type of cost needs to be compatible with the Analysis code that has been selected.

Once the required details have been entered the OK option will be enabled and the new option can be saved.

If costs and prices are to be entered click on the Prices tab and right click on the option. This will open the Prices screen and three prices can be entered

Selling price – the cost to the customer

Taxable Price – the price exclusive of GST

Cost Price – the cost of the option

Click on OK to save the prices.

The option has now been created but won’t appear in the list to be selected until the tick is added as shown below. Click into the Flag column against the option and the tick will appear and the item can be selected.

Click on Save at the top of the screen and the options will be saved and will appear in the Dealer Fitted Options list in vehicle stockbooks.

If the new option does not appear in the list check that the Date effective on the vehicle is before or the same as the date the option was added.

The date effective can be changed to before the date of the new option and this will cause it to appear in the list