This development is currently for use with VW Advice notes. To enable this feature, contact Systime Support to enable the parameter.

The automation of the verification is based on the VW Advice notes being processed.

Manufacture systems / Volkswagen à Purchase invoice Verification à Purchase invoice Verification

Select required Stock management company if prompted and you will be in the advice note processing screen as shown below.

Click on Covert > Select the GRN numbers that have been advised.

On the Invoices tab > Select the required Advice note number and click on Verify button.

Either click on Confirm / Cancel on the prompt of your actions

If there are no issues you will get the message “Posted and updated successfully”. No further actions is needed. This will appear on the Suppliers account once Daybooks have printed.

You have the option to click Print if required: Please note: Currently this will not Print the PC number that this has been verified on.

Invoice detail tab: This will show a list of all the Invoices/Advice notes that have been converted and status will display if these have been verified or if there are any errors.

Please note that any Advice notes that have been Errored, will not be verified as yet and need to be reviewed and actioned.

Once the Invoice has been verified, Daybooks printed the SMEOP/SM Stock/PC / PL are all correct and updated accordingly.

Trouble shooting:

Any Advice notes that have not been verified and have an error can be found on the Invoices tab > Select the Errors radio button.

Common reasons for Errors:

  1. The advice note has been converted in the Advice notes menu, but stock has not been received yet. Only when the stock is received then the system will allow the advice note to be verified.

If this is the case, then click on reset invoice > Receive the stock and then re-try the Order verification.