This error sometimes come up when someone (usually Service manager or supervisor) is trying to clock on or off a technician. This error prevents a technician from having multiple clockings at the same time in different terminals.

The user is unable to get rid of this error until the session that is locking the technician record is closed. 


Most of the times , this error comes up because the technician being clocked on/off still has an open session in another terminal where he/she was trying to clock on/off.  Or another user is trying to clock on/off the same technician in another terminal. It is difficult to identify who is locking the record as the dealership usually use one login ID for the touch screen.  The first thing to check is the clocking screen / touchscreen and ensure the technician is not in the process of clocking on or off a job. It that is the case, simply close the session so the technician can be accessed on another terminal.  If you still cannot identify who is locking the resource record, call Systime Support.


In Systime Support, the consultant would clicked on the name of the technician and the system will tell which user and terminal is locking it.  In the example below, it is in use by clocking screen (clock2) in terminal 191.


In another example below, the technician record is being used by another user who is also trying to clock on/off the technician in another terminal.


The next step is to ask the person locking the technician resource record to exit or close his session.  This will enable the other user to access the technician record on another terminal.


If for some reason the session cannot be closed (frozen, crashed etc), then the Systime consultant can kill the session remotely.