A programming enhancement has been created to allow fleet discounts to be given for a personal capacity or companies who have fleets.

To enable this feature, contact Systime Support to enable the parameters and setup. You will need to provide us with your fleet structures. These can be given on a Franchise, model or variant level. This is priority driven.

Once setup has been complete, in Showroom a new Fleet Discounts button has been added to the Specification Confirmation Screen.

To apply a fleet discount, press the Fleet Discount button.

Select the applicable Fleet Discount category. You will only see the categories that you have priority to use. Confirm that this is the category you want to apply.

After selecting OK a Fleet Discount line is added to the specification confirmation screen.

This Fleet Discount is made up of any values or percentages entered against each line item in Franchise Data.

On the Purchase Summary Screen, it shows the Fleet Discount in Red this is the net discount (before GST). You can add an additional discount.

To amend the price, click on the total purchase price / Cost to change, and will be presented with the Edit purchase price screen.

On the Showroom Enquiries screen any additional discount and fleet discount will be shown separately.

When attaching the customer to the enquiry the system will check to see if the customer is linked to a company.

If they are linked it will then check to see if the company has the National Fleet No field populated. If this is populated the system will prompt that this customer may be entitled to Fleet Discount.

This will not add a Fleet Discount is only a warning message. If the customer is entitled to Fleet Discount you can go back to the Specification Confirmation screen to add or remove a Fleet Discount.