A programming enhancement has been created to increase additional information when a new variant is loaded into the system.

There are 20 additional fields of information that can now be recorded to include/update the against a variant record. This includes:

Light/Heavy Commercial, Driver side ,  VS posting code,  Model analysis code , Hire group, Fleet Net EDI.ID ,Sequence number, CAP Reference,  WOF frequency(In Months)

1st WOF duration (In Months) , 1st Service Interval (Months) ,1st Service Interval (Km's) ,

Days required for PDI, Timing belt odometer , Warranty Months , Warranty Max mileage , Body Warranty (Months),  Body Warranty Max(Mileage) , Warranty Terms Table & Timing belt (Months).


Contact Systime Support to provide you with an updated New model form.