Autoline (i32) has a feature which can be used to segregate duties within accounting department. This feature provides option to setup users such way that junior colleagues cannot posting a SL/PL batch input or a journal without authorization.

Authorize feature in Autoline Iteration 32

Sales Ledger (Batch input), Purchase Ledger (Batch input) and Nominal Ledger (Insert NL Ledger) now have authorization mechanism. Permissions can be configured from MS -> X2 (Account Add-Ons) -> Menu Utilities -> General Accounting Parameters

This feature can introduce park and post workflow to Autoline which is important in some scenarios where a junior accountant is not authorized to batch input supplier invoices or Nominal Ledger journal entries, instead they park it in temporary buffer then a senior accountant reviews their work and authorizes the invoices or journal entries to be finally posted into the accounts.

Feature also introduces event notifications to authorizers who can keep, snooze, or discard the notification.

Screenshots of this feature