Unable to advance the Nominal Ledger (carry forward) can be caused by users still logged into the system or by illegal users.

It is important the steps below are followed in order to ensure no valid or illegal users are logged into the Autoline system. 

The message below will be displayed when attempting to advance the Nominal Ledger if users still exist on the system:

Preventing access while advancing the NL Period

The user advancing the Nominal Ledger must prevent access to the following relevant modules/company numbers:

SL - Sales Ledger

PL - Purchase Ledger

NL - Nominal Ledger

AR - Asset Register

AJ - Accruals

These are all modules where daybooks can be printed live.

Each module on the Autoline system has a Prevent/allow access option where you can  lock the module and clear illegal users.

This is located in the System Maintenance menu in each module

eg. Nominal Ledger>System Maintenance>Prevent/Allow Access:

System Utilities>Prevent/Allow Access

Access can be prevented to modules on any basis whether it be to individual module and company, all companies for a particular module, all modules for a particular company or all modules and all companies (system-wide lock).

This can be performed through System Utilities>Prevent/Allow Access.

  • To lock, unlock, display users or clear illegal users for an individual module/company, right click on the cell. To do the same for a whole module/company, right click on the row/column heading.
  • To lock, unlock, display users or clear illegal users for the whole system, right click the top leftmost cell. The number within each cell is the number of users working in the module/company

The Clear Illegal Users option will remove ILLEGAL entries from the display to tidy the system from invalid users. Valid users will remain logged in.

System Utilities>Display Users

Within the System utilities menu is the option to Display users. This gives a detailed and informative display of the users and background processes currently running within the Autoline environment.

If a user exists on the system that you need to terminate, the following steps can be executed 

Note: Please take care in this area of the system and ensure ONLY to terminate the user you require and no background processes.

How to terminate a user:

Within System Utilities>Display Users - right click on the user you would like to terminate
  1. Select Signal


  1. Within the Signal Process(es) box, ensure you have Selected partition(s) selected and Message type = Terminate
    You can check the "User" which is listed next to Selected partition(s) to ensure the correct user was selected

  1. Select OK
Once you have terminated the user, it is good practise to Clear Illegal Users. This can be performed through System Utilities>Prevent/Allow Access as per the notes above.