When using the Moden view within Autoline, you will have a 'DeskTop' section which you can use to add shortcuts to your frequently used areas of Autoline

If you are in the Classic Layout of Autoline, you will not have access to the DeskTop within the Modern Layout. To access this, select the 'Modern' button on the right-hand side of your Autoline Session.

This will switch your Autoline Session to the Modern Layout, as seen below. Should you ever which to switch back to the Classic Layout, you can simply click the 'Classic' button.

The DeskTop section is where the icons are shown. You can up have to four unique Desktop views. These can be customized by right-clicking on the relevant desktop and selecting 'Amend Desktop'. This will open the 'Setup desktop grids' screen.

Within this screen, under the 'Section titles' area you can rename and categorize your four desktops. In this instance, the four Desktops are named 'Aftersales', 'Sales', 'Finance' and 'System'. These corralate with the Toolbar Options at the top of the screen. Selecting these will return the associated desktop view.

The 'Selected option' area is where you can select a specific icon can have its title or image changed, if selected in the grid-view on the right-hand side.

Within this article, we will be operating within the 'Aftersales' desktop view. On the right-hand side of the Setup Desktop Grids screen, you can see the the current icons setup for the Aftersales grid, where you can view, edit, move or delete already existing icon shortcuts within this screen by right-clicking the icon.

To add new icons to your Desktop views, you will want to navigate to the desired option in the Tree Menu on the left-hand side of the Modern layout. Then right-click the desired option and select 'Add to desktop'.

If 'Auto-Arrange?' is ticked within the Setup Desktop Grids screen, then the icon will be placed on the grid section you currently have selected.

If 'Auto-Arrange?' is not ticked, then the Setup Desktop Grids screen will open where you can then click on the grid to add the icon shortcut. Select the OK button and this will update your Desktop.