When a manufacturer or 3rd-party supplies the Service Menu Codes, it usually includes a list of fluid codes which the dealership can map to either a part number or RTS codes.

Go to Manufacturer Systems module and select the manufacturer or 3rd-party provider of the service menu codes.  In the example below, I used Infomedia


Double-click on Menu Pricing


Select Menu Pricing Set-up


Go to Fluid Mapping.  Right-click on the Fluid line that you want to map to a part number or RTS Code.  Click Amend.


Select either Stock File or RTS codes.  Enter the RTS code or Part number that you want to map to the fluid code.  Enter the Retail and Cost prices.  Click OK.


You will see that BF30 fluid code is now mapped to RTS code BRAKE.  Thus, when a service menu containing fluid code BF30 is loaded on a WIP, the RTS code BRAKE will be added on the WIP instead of the fluid code.