How do I unaccept a quote from showroom once it has been accepted into vehicle stock books

Once the vehicle quote has been taken in showroom and accepted into Vehicle Stockbooks, the status of the order will change to -Accepted.

If the acceptance in Showroom is to be reversed and the order altered in some way:

  • Select Showroom from the Master Menu
  • Select Quotations from the Showroom menu
  • Click on the Recall Enquiry icon
  • Search for and select the order using the vehicle or customer details

It will then give you the option to:

  • Cancel the Acceptance this will un-accept the order and change the status back to O -Ordered

Once at O status, you will now be able to display, confirm or change the order. The order can be altered as necessary or Stored as a Lost Sale.

This will not alter the fact that the showroom details have been accepted into VSB and may have created a vehicle stock number.This will have to be altered within the VSB module separately.