It is possible to change what details are shown in the miscellaneous fields on the transaction tab


  • Select Sales Ledger from the Master menu
  • Select Add/modify accounts from the Sales Ledger menu
  • Enter the account number you want to make the change for
  • Click Amend
  • Select the Other Details tab and in the Vehicle preparation field enter the setting you want displayed in the Misc Ref field

The options are

REGN: You want to use the Vehicle Registration Number as a suffix and reference for postings

WIP: You want to use the WIP Number as a suffix and reference for postings

CUST: You want to use customer information from the WIP Header as a reference in the Customer Reference and/or Miscellaneous Reference of the Sales Ledger transaction.

Blank: No suffix or customer information is used on the postings.

  • Once you entered the required option select Save 
  • However, if the Sales ledger account is setup in Point of sale > miscellaneous opitions > Edit customer details the system will take the field entered from the Other tab