The unsaved quantities on WIP and free stock values are calculated on the end of day by Rebuild PO/BO's option.

This option is set to run within Timed Operations or it can be performed manually.

Therefore if a backordered line on a WIP is deleted it will remove the line from the Back orders tab in Display stock card but will not update the free stock until this option is run.

Either wait until tomorrow and check again or navigate to Rebuild PO/BO's:

To run the option manually, this can be done via:

1. Select Stock Management from the Main menu (select the relevant POS company)

2. Select System Maintenance

3. Select Rebuild PO/BO's

4. Click Rebuild

Note: If you would like to see which parts have been corrected, tick report error tick box below

 5. The system will now advise that stock quantities have been corrected

6. Click Exit

This will clear the stock that is stuck between transactions. You will be able to select Display Stock Card and check the Quantities tab where the quantity on unsaved WIPs should be zero.