Sometimes you end up with 2 records for the same vehicle in the system with both containing service history. The instructions below would allow you to consolidate the records and flag one for deletion.

CRM > Reports & Enquiries > Database Cleansing > Deduplication utility

Step 1 > Click on Vehicles button

Step 2 > Click on Suggest button

On the window that opens, you can select the Branch and fields that you want to use to identify the duplicates.   

Step 3 > Select the branch

Step 4 > Enter the fields that you want to use to identify the duplicates and press TAB. Registration and VIN is recommended. 

For Registration and VIN enter A&B

For Registration only enter A

For VIN only enter B


you will notice that the Selected ticks will change according to your selection and OK button will light up.

Step 5 > Click OK

This will populate all the records that have same Registration and VIN in the grid. This may take a while depending on how many records are in your database. 

Right clicking on each row will give you options to:

1) Nominate as a master record - this is the record that will be kept and information from the other recford(s) will be merged into this one. 

2) Drill - opens all the records in a new window. Handy if you have 3 or more records to deal with.

3) Show more details - will open the record in CRM

4) Remove line from list - will remove the record from selection

Step 6 > Nominate the record you want to keep as master (Right click and choose "Nominate as Master")

Step 7 > Nominate all others as merge (Right click and choose "Mark to merge with Master"

Step 8 > Click Next

Step 9 > Merge any fields you want to copy from Merge record into the Master using arrow keys and click Next

Step 10 > Click Merge

Step 11 > Choose to delete the Merge record. We recommend setting it to X Status and it will drop off at the end of the week. Choosing "Delete" will get rid of the record immediately and there is no way to recover it.


Step 12 > click OK. 

Congratulations you have successfully merged 2 duplicate vehicle records into one.