Know the difference between Zero and Delete

From time to time it will be necessary to remove a part from a Parts Purchase Order.  When doing this it is important to understand the two ways of doing this and the implications of both methods.

To remove a part from an order, right click in the ST column for the line you wish to remove.  There are two options that will do this, Zero and Delete.  Both of these will remove the part but have a different effect in Stock Management for the part


Choosing Zero, removes the part for the selected order and there are no further implications.  The job is done.


Choosing Delete, removes the part from the selected order and prevents the part from being available for future Suggested Stock Orders by resetting the Re-order Category from Upper Case to Lower Case.  If the part was a "B" Category part, it would become "b".  When generating the next stock order, the generate program only looks at Upper Case Re-order Categories therefore ignoring this part.  It will remain at "b" status until there is some sort of demand for this part, ie added to a wip from a customer request or being manually added to a purchase order.

Going to lower case has its advantages in some situations, ie recall parts or high priced items that pop up on the stock order each time it is generated.  In this situation you may elect to use the Delete option

Correcting Lower Case Re-order Categories

A report can be written to update/reset all Reorder Categories back to standard Upper Case