To run the Kia Parts Locator Upload, go to MS/KM > Parts National Profile Extract.


Select Company.

Click Build Extract.


Once finished it will display this message and file is sent to Kia.


Currently these are the fields that are being extracted and below is a sample of the file layout:

Manufacturer - Franchise code
PartNumber - Part No
Quantity - Total Stock Qty
Aging Date - Last Purchase Date
Note - blank (optional field)
SellPriceExGST - Price<1>
Description - Description

The file is sent to Kia via FTP.

This can be run either manually or set to run automatically in the Timed Ops.

Note:  Kia Parts Locator Lookup not available.  Kia is not looking to get the lookup working outside their system; advised dealers should look this up on their system