When reconciling transactions within NL or SL, the Terminal Number being used is stored against the Nominal Account Code and is removed when exiting the option. If a problem occurs within this option, the bank account remains locked.

When you reconcile transactions within either the 'NL Manual Bank Reconciliation Facility' or 'SL Reconcile Till Accounts', the System will store the Terminal Number that is being used against the Nominal Account Code within the Nominal Ledger Account Codes file. The Terminal Number is then removed when you exit the options normally.

However, should you encounter any issues whilst in either of these options that exits this option incorrectly, the bank account will remain locked as you have not exited in the normal manner that usually removes this Terminal Number and unlocks the account. 

To Reset the locked bank account, you will need to ensure that ALL Users are out of the Nominal Ledger (NL) and Sales Ledger (SL) before proceeding. To do this, normally you will require Priority Level 8 within the Nominal Ledger company. 

In order to lock out ALL the Users from the relevant NL and SL companies, along with clearing the illegal Users, you will want to navigate from the Main Menu -> SL/NL (selecting the relevant company) -> System Maintenance -> Prevent/Allow Access and then entering a Tick into the Status : Access allowed box. Once you have ticked this box, then click on the 'Clear Illegal Users' button. Lastly, select the 'Display Users' button and ensure all the Users have been locked out as required. You can then Exit this screen. 

Note: If there is still a User showing as logged in that shares the same User ID and Terminal Number that is causing the lock for the banka ccount, you may need to manually kill off this session first.

Once these steps have been performed for all the relevant SL/NL companies and you have confirmed no Users are logged in, then you can proceed with resetting the bank account lock through Nominal Ledger (selecting the relevant company) -> System Mainteance -> Reset Bank Account Locks. Within this screen, click on the Execute button. This will run the Option and return you back to the Main Menu. 

To finish off the process, you now need to re-allow access to the Users. From the Main Menu, access SL/NL (selecting the relevant company) -> System Maintenance -> Prevent/Allow Access, remove the Tick from the Status box from earlier and then click Exit.

Note: The message for the tickbox within Prevent/Allow Access will have updated from Status : Access allowed to Status : Access prevented by "userid" on terminal "term no"

Note: Reset Bank Account Locks will run on the End of Day, so this option does not need to be run live if it is inconvient to lock out all of the Users from the relevant SL/NL Companies during the day. However, this does mean you will be forced to wait until the following day to be able to reaccess the locked bank account.